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We know how much you have secretly admired Robin Hood in your childhood. You have always wanted to dress up as one and be called as the hero. Well it’s time that your secret wish is fulfilled at the next costume party.

Hello and welcome from Sherwood Forest and www.RobinHoodCostume.com!! Nearly everyone grew up admiring Robin Hood and his merry men. Today, children still find him amazing. He was a true hero to the poor and makes for a wonderful character to portray at your next costume party. Robin Hood costumes vary in detail and you are sure to find one to suit your liking. Children, women and men can all become the brave hero they have idolized for so long.

A basic guys Robin Hood costume consists of a plain white shirt and pajama pants in a mud-brown color. Tights are often chosen in this same color instead of pajama pants depending upon your preference.  Robin Hood’s look would not be complete without the signature over shirt in a dirty green shade. This over shirt should be sleeveless and be long enough to hang at the top of your thighs. For a more authentic look, you might want to choose a black capelet with a bit of lace around the front. You will also need a black leather belt for your waist. Footwear for the Robin Hood costume can be chosen in brown or black leather boot or complete the costume with boot tops. Either of these should be tall enough to reach the knee. There are numerous accessories to add to the costume such as archery equipment and swords. You can carry a cloth bag with a big dollar sign for a genuine feel.

Ladies can just as easily become the hero Robin Hood. This could be the sexiest costume you have ever worn to a costume party or on Halloween. To get this look, you can first choose a ruffled dress in green. The dress should be knee length. You can choose to make this look as modest or as sexy as you want by selecting any type of neck line. There are off the shoulder, strapless, halter and basic v-neck dresses to choose from. A Robin Hood dress costume will be a blend of numerous materials in order to hang in the most appealing way and give an authentic look. Your Robin Hood look is not complete until you have fitted yourself with a waist corset. An imitation suede corset in black will hug your curves. You should choose high heeled knee boots as a final touch. Some choose to accessorize the lady Robin Hood costume using a hat with a colorful feather and a string drawn bag in green with a large dollar sign.

We have a whole range and varieties of costume for dressing up as Robin Hood. He Robin Hood costume has a special range for boys too. No matter what size you are, we will fulfill your wish this year!

For the boys, the costume has a basic white shirt and a mud colored pajama. The signature of Robin Hood costume is an over shirt of dirty green color. It is sleeveless and goes up till you thighs. For men, with the shirt and the pants, you get a brown colored sleeveless jacket. The highlight of this is a dull black colored capelet, with lace in the front, to give you the authentic Robin Hood look. It also has a leather belt to go around your waist.

You get black or brown leather boots and boot tops with both costumes, almost till you knee. Hat is something you cannot forget. You get an old styled looking hat with a feather on the top. This gives you the basic Robin Hood look.

To get the complete look, try out the whole new range of accessories, specially designed for Robin Hood costume. He character Robin Hood is known for his strengths and skills as an archer and swordsman. So you can get both a bow and arrows and also a sword here. Pick the one you like more. Also you can get a bag with dollar sign on it. So get the genuine Robin Hood look easily.

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Accessorizing Your Costume

Throughout the years, Robin Hood has been the hero of many children. Accessorizing the look of Robin Hood would never be complete without the bow and arrows he used in doing good for the poor throughout the land. With bow in hand, his arrows were easily accessed while held in a pouch slung over his shoulder. You should choose a bow and arrow set that is age appropriate for your little hero. There are arrows with safe suction cup tips instead of sharp points. Robin Hood could often be found giving cold coins to help villagers feed their families. Give your little Robin Hood a brown cloth sack filled with play money as he or she strolls through the neighborhood.

Measuring for Your Robin Hood Costume

Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor is easiest when you are wearing a Robin Hood costume that fits! Before you order yours, be sure to take proper measurements and compare them to the costume’s size chart, which should be located on the same page (or have a link on that page) as the costume and costume details. Use your natural waistline to measure your waist, and measure your hips and chest at their widest part. Finally, take your inseam measurement if you don’t already know it. Your inseam is the seam that runs from the crotch down the inside of the thigh to the hem. Note your height and weight and you should be able to choose a costume that fits well and that is comfortable enough to wear for hours and hours around Sherwood Forest.

Now, what man would not like to be a swashbuckling hero like Robin Hood? Start your own band of merry men of Sherwood by taking the lead. There are numerous variations to the Robin Hood Costume and you can don any avatar you like. The hooded version for those nightly sojourns, or the green yoke and brown boots version for those meetings with the men. You can even accessorize with a feather in your cap, a quiver full of arrows and more. Though you can make use of pajama pants, many choose to use tights for a stronger look. Carry a little cloth bag to signify the loot you have.

Robin Hood costume for women!

We know how much you have fancied the hero of the poor, Robin Hood. Although you are a girl, you always wished to dress up as a Robin Hood and save the world. We have exactly what you want!

Robin Hood costume is one of the sexiest costumes you can ever wear to Halloween or a costume party. This will definitely turn all eyes towards you.

Robin Hood costume is available for girls as well as ladies. The basic dress of this costume is a green ruffled dress, with the dress ending just above the knee. One of the most sensuous costumes you could get holds of, this offers you a variety of necks to suit your needs. You could get a completely off-shoulder and strapless dress, or a halter neck or a simple v-neck, it’s all up to you. The dress is a mixture of various fabrics for the right look and fall.

The second inevitable component of the Robin Hood costume for women is a waist corset. It is a black faux suede corset which completely brings out you amazing body shape. You also get black knee-length heeled boots with the costume.

To get the entire costume perfectly, you can also go for some add-ons which help to bring out the dress even more. You can get a hat with a feather, the signature of Robin Hood. Also you can get green gauntlets with brown and black lace to supplement your Robin Hood costume.  You might also like a green drawn string bag with a dollar sign on it.

So this costume party, not just be dressed in a Robin Hood costume, but be dressed in a costume which complements your body type and makes you stand out in the crowd!

Robin Hood was a skilled archer and swordsman whose occupation was to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  He is an outlaw who sought to shove the officials from their high and oppressive pedestals and aide those who are being oppressed and poor.  He may sound like a criminal with the standards of what a criminal is today, but he is still a hero.  His view of the oppressive government led him to do what he thought was right and helped his people during this trying time.  Robin Hood would have made a great hero today in the World of the modern politics.

The Robin Hood costume is very simple but the color is what makes this costume shine.  Everybody knows that tone of green that Robin Hood puts on and wearing it to a party will really stand out.  Bring along some trusted friends to pose as your Merry Men and complete your ensemble.  Robin Hood is nothing without his trusted friends from Sherwood Forest.  You can have a lot of fun buying costumes all together to make a bigger impact in the party.

Do not forget to come with Robin Hood’s choice of weapon, which is the bow and arrow.  He is a great swordsman but his skills with the bow and arrow is the most worshiped.  With this simple costume, you can really bring out more character than you could wish for in any other costume.  Find your Maid Marian this Halloween night and enjoy the festivities together as one of the most famous couples in the literary world.

Coming as a group themed costume will only amplify your costume.  Enjoy the party with your Maid Marian and Merry Men. Bring joy, and hope to those surrounding you, as Robin Hood would have done if he still existed in this modern World.

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